Reach Ice Cream Lovers of All Kind with a Cold Stone Creamery Franchise

The iconic ice cream franchise is a business that makes millions happy

With locations across the U.S. and a presence in nearly 30 international markets, it’s pretty safe to say Cold Stone Creamery, ice cream franchise, has one of the most robust reaches to customers who love ice cream in the market.

And that’s one of the greatest benefits franchisees get from investing in a Cold Stone Creamery location: the ability to reach all ice cream lovers because of our wide range of delicious flavors and ever-changing menu, as well as an ordering experience customers know and love.

Tried and true favorites, innovative new flavors, endless combinations of mix-ins – our menu is the Ultimate Ice Cream Experience and what Cold Stone Creamery has been known for the past three decades.=

Businesses don’t survive – and thrive – this long without doing something right and having the secret ingredient, and at Cold Stone Creamery, our dedication to making our ice cream fresh and in-house has elevated our products to one of America’s favorite desserts, with our customers knowing the bar is high when they come in for a treat.

Not only does Cold Stone Creamery’s leadership constantly use Research and Development to produce new flavors, but every option at our stores is customizable, which is one of the many reasons customers love our products and keep coming back.

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“For our brand’s customers, the possibilities are endless,” says Jay Goldstein, VP of Franchise Development. “Not only do we offer a wide variety of options in-store, but we’re also constantly working on new ice cream flavors by looking at trends from around the world. We have a very expansive research and development wing, which keeps our brand relevant all year round, as we roll out several new limited-time-only flavors and seasonal promotions. We never get complacent, and we’re always pushing forward.”

Our expert corporate team has also developed one of the easiest and most enjoyable shopping experiences, whether customers come into the store for the “Ultimate Ice Cream Experience” or order online for no-hassle pick up.

Indeed, as online ordering and pickup has gained in popularity over the past few years, Cold Stone Creamery now sees more than half of its delivery food consumers come in through an app or website. That’s why our leadership team invested so much in capitalizing on this market trend to benefit franchise owners and streamline access for our customers. This effort has not only kept Cold Stone Creamery on the cutting edge of the digital age, its also driven sales, perfected operations and enhanced the overall business for our franchisees.

But even still, Cold Stone Creamery still recognizes and values our customers and families who come in and desire that classic ice cream shop experience. It’s part of the business we love, putting a smile on our customers’ faces.

“When our customers come to us, they’re getting ice cream that has been made for them in that store,” says the Cold Stone Tastemaster™ with Cold Stone Creamery. “Our product is exceptional, and that is evident in the fact that millions of people around the world love the experience they get at their local Cold Stone Creamery — and that number grows every day. The best part about Cold Stone Creamery is that we get to make people happy. If someone comes in having a bad day, they’re going to leave us with a smile. If someone comes to us on a good day, they’re going to go on and have a better day. That is what Cold Stone Creamery is all about.”

Ready to own the sweetest franchise in the business?

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