How Franchisees Benefit from Cold Stone Creamery’s Brand Awareness

The Ultimate Ice Cream franchise is a household name with millions of fans across the country and around the world

The prospect of opening a business that has millions of fans across the country and around the world is immediately more advantageous than starting from scratch. Cold Stone Creamery® franchise owners have this benefit when they sign on with us. The Cold Stone Creamery brand’s reputation for delivering a unique, delicious product in a fun and friendly atmosphere brings new fans in to stores who want to experience Cold Stone Creamery for themselves.

Brand Awareness

Millions of fans around the world love Cold Stone Creamery

Ice cream is America’s favorite dessert, and Cold Stone Creamery is a stand-out in the $8 billion a year industry. After nearly 30 years in business, we now have more than 1,000 locations in the United States and are in nearly 30 international markets.

What makes Cold Stone Creamery so popular with customers?  Here are three ways Cold Stone Creamery builds brand awareness among our customers, making our brand a beloved institution:

  1. Our brand’s ice cream is best-in-class.

Unlike our competitors, who ship their product in prepackaged vats or tubs, we make all of our ice cream fresh on-site. We use only the finest ingredients and state-of-the-art, easy-to-use ice cream machines.

“Cold Stone Creamery is unique in the ice cream franchise space, because we make our ice cream in-house,” says Dr. Maya Warren, Tastemaster™ with Cold Stone Creamery. “When customers come in to your store, they’re getting ice cream that has been made for them in that very store. Our brand’s product is exceptional, and that is evident in the fact that millions of people around the world love the experience they get at their local Cold Stone Creamery — and that number grows every day. The best part about Cold Stone Creamery is that we get to make people happy. If someone comes in having a bad day, they’re going to leave us with a smile. If someone comes to us on a good day, they’re going to go on and have a better day. That is what Cold Stone Creamery is all about.”

  1. We offer the best customer experience.

Cold Stone Creamery customers know a memorable treat awaits when they visit your stores — and we’re not just talking about the taste of the ice cream! Our franchisees’ crew members deliver top-notch service to their guests, who get to customize the dessert that will satisfy their craving.

Our brand’s vast menu features 10-12 ice cream varieties and endless combinations of mix-ins. And we incent customer frequency by varying our menu to include limited time innovative, cravable, buzz-worthy flavors.  The franchisees’ lively, enthusiastic crew members prepare treats right in front of customers on the special granite stone.

  1. Our brand’s culture promotes fun.

Cold Stone Creamery franchisee crew members provide the Ultimate Ice Cream Experience®, greeting guests with friendly conversation and laughter. One reason guests love the ice cream is because they associate it with happy memories and fun times. When guests leave, they leave with a smile.

“Our brand’s primary goal is to make people happy. The fact that people are happy when they leave is one of the reasons why they come back,” Warren says.

Cold Stone Creamery helps franchisees capitalize
on brand equity

Cold Stone Creamery has enormous brand equity, and we help franchisees benefit from it — which brings more guests to the stores and helps increase revenue. Our brand’s in-house marketing agency and public relations team works on behalf of franchisees to generate publicity about their Cold Stone Creamery businesses. Our brand’s reputation, combined with the fact that Cold Stone Creamery has millions of fans across the nation, creates the incentive for local media outlets to publish stories about our franchisees.

The media loves to feature Cold Stone Creamery in news stories. Because of our unique brand positioning, national publications routinely feature the company, praising our product, culture and customer experience.

We also help increase brand awareness through national partnerships with Hollywood feature films and on-trend television shows. These partnerships help keep Cold Stone Creamery in the heart of the news, and in turn drive new and repeat customers to our franchisees.

Ready to open an Ice Cream Franchise with huge brand awareness?

For in-depth details about the Cold Stone Creamery franchise opportunity, download the free franchise report. You can also learn more by visiting the Cold Stone Creamery franchise research pages.

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