Cold Stone Creamery Franchise Can Be A Great Fit For First-Time Entrepreneurs

Combine a Simple Business Model With Industry-Leading Support in a Business That Can Make People Happy

After making the decision to open their own business, many first-time entrepreneurs find themselves asking the same question: “What’s next?” Increasingly, that path can be much clearer for the young entrepreneurs who choose to open a Cold Stone Creamery® ice cream franchise.

“Cold Stone Creamery can be a great fit for first-time entrepreneurs because it’s really the trifecta of business opportunities,” explains Jay Goldstein, Vice President of Franchise Development. “The business model is easy to operate, and franchise owners get the support of a world-class team of experts, all wrapped in the joy of serving guests a product they love.”

For those who are looking to start their first business, Cold Stone Creamery can be a great fit. From delicious products to industry-leading marketing and site selection to grand opening, the Cold Stone Creamery ice cream franchise path is laid out for you.First-Time Entrepreneurs ice cream franchise

Cold Stone Creamery is an Easy-To-Operate Business

The Cold Stone Creamery team hears from people who want to open their own business but lack restaurant or service industry experience. They’re concerned that, without a lot of experience, they’ll find themselves in over their heads. But that’s not the case, as Jay explains. 

“The Cold Stone Creamery business model is both simple and straightforward,” Jay says. “Our processes and procedures are easy to follow, and the daily operations are fun and simple, too. I tell potential franchise owners they can own and grow a Cold Stone Creamery if they just have a desire to follow our business model and are passionate advocates for the brand in their community.” 

From initial site selection to daily operations, every step of the business is outlined and explained. Entrepreneurs who lack experience running their own business can rest assured that they can succeed by following the business model. 

Cold Stone Creamery is backed by an industry-leading support team

It’s one thing to eliminate the guesswork of a new business with a simple model and easy-to-follow processes. But when that simple model is backed with the support of an internationally renowned team of franchise support professionals, the results can be profound.  

Comprehensive Training and Support for Franchise Success

“As part of Kahala Brands™, Cold Stone Creamery ice cream franchise owners receive some of the greatest training and best support in the industry,” Jay says. “From the moment they submit a franchise request form, every Cold Stone Creamery owner works hand-in-hand with our site selection team, our training staff, and our franchise support staff to help make the most-informed decisions for their business.” 

That support includes helping new franchise owners choose the perfect location, on-site training at KTEC (Kahala Training and Education Center), and a vast network of Cold Stone Creamery owners. New owners are not alone, and they enjoy a vast pool of resources from marketing and promotional materials to the knowledge of an engaged and active community of Cold Stone Creamery owners. We even show our owners how to effectively market and promote their new businesses on social media. 

Cold Stone Creamery Ice Cream Franchise Delivers Products That People Enjoy

Ice cream is one of the country’s most popular “comfort foods.” When a ball team decides to celebrate the big win? Ice cream. When a couple breaks up? Ice cream. In good times and bad, many people turn to ice cream because the sweet, delicious treat makes them happy.  

“Owning a Cold Stone Creamery means you’re a part of spreading joy,” Jay says. “Spend a few minutes talking to guests at a Cold Stone Creamery, and you come away with the impression that people love our product, they love our atmosphere, and they love that we’re a part of their community. For new entrepreneurs especially, customer enthusiasm helps maintain the drive to continue to grow your business. I mean, it’s hard not to be excited about ice cream!”  

With as many as a dozen super-premium ice cream flavors combined with a multitude of mix-ins, there’s a Cold Stone Creamery product for every person in every mood. That’s a lot of joy to spread!

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