Why Cold Stone Creamery Franchise can be a Great Fit for Multi-Unit Investors

Entrepreneurs seeking to diversify holdings should consider investing in the iconic ice cream franchise

Any business owner, large or small, knows that diversifying operations, products or streams of revenue can be the best way to win market share. The same is true for entrepreneurs thinking about owning multiple franchises in the quick-service restaurant industry, especially when those companies offer complementary products such as owning a burger joint and an ice cream franchise opportunity to avoid competing with each other.

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Or, put another way: a burger joint won’t tread on a pizza shop’s market, and vice versa. And it’s the smart entrepreneur looking to diversify their portfolio that recognizes this trend in the food industry and makes moves to own multiple restaurant concepts to sweep up the most amount of business.

That’s why Cold Stone Creamery® can be a great fit for multi-unit investors with other traditional restaurant models, giving potential entrepreneurs a completely new market to compete in, one in which Cold Stone Creamery has had a rich history.

With many locations across the country and several internationally, Cold Stone Creamery is a franchise system which has launched hundreds of entrepreneurs into careers as small business owners.

In fact, the iconic ice cream franchise experienced strong growth in 2020, despite the pandemic, and the momentum is expected to continue into 2021 and beyond.

For entrepreneurs with existing restaurant franchises, investing in Cold Stone Creamery can open up a whole other market of people wanting to enjoy dessert. And there’s no other more respected and well-known name in the business than Cold Stone Creamery.

An article in QSR magazine, the go-to source for industry news, reports that by diversifying portfolios with multiple brands, franchisees can ensure financial stability and operational efficiency.

“Diversification could help a company if one of its concepts experiences a sharp decline in sales due to consumer trends, a food-safety issue or other factors,” QSR writes.

A major part of this model’s success is brand recognition, and none come better than Cold Stone Creamery. Unlike other ice cream shops, Cold Stone Creamery offers ice cream and other treats made in-house.

“Not only do we enjoy household name recognition in America and globally, but we believe our product is far superior to what is available on the market.” says John Wuycheck, SVP of Franchise Development.

With Cold Stone Creamery’s widespread popularity for more than three decades, the time to invest in the iconic ice cream franchise is now.

“As a franchisor, we have designed Cold Stone Creamery to be an easy-to-run, easy-to-scale business,” Wuycheck says. “We’ve been growing for years, and we’re not slowing down anytime soon.”

Ready to own the sweetest franchise in the business?

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