Why a Cold Stone Creamery Franchise Can Make the Perfect Family Business

Potential financial freedom and endless job opportunities put the cherry on top of investing in a Cold Stone Creamery franchise

There’s nothing sweeter than going into business with the ones you love most. According to the Conway Center for Family Business, family-owned businesses drive more than 60 percent of the U.S. gross domestic product and account for more than 60 percent of the country’s jobs. 

The latter couldn’t be truer for Krista and Robert Ryffel, who are Cold Stone Creamery® franchise owners in Arnold, Miss., near the St. Louis area. Myleaderpaper.com recently published an article highlighting how our iconic brand was the perfect franchise opportunity for the husband-and-wife duo who were looking for a simple business to run and provide their youngest son, Alex — who is on the spectrum for autism — a safe place to work once he entered the workforce. 

“We started thinking about how he would be handled in the workforce,” Krista tells the website. “That is kind of a scary thought. We always wanted to do something for ourselves, too, and be our own bosses. We started thinking about doing something for ourselves.”

After considering various business opportunities, the Ryffel family decided to join the Cold Stone Creamery® family because of our robust training platform and bolstering support from our parent company Kahala Brands™, one of the world’s fastest-growing franchising companies with a portfolio of 28 quick-service restaurant concepts. Robert adds that he and his wife received “plenty of support” once they started the process of investing in Cold Stone and opening their restaurant in the fall. Today, their ice creamery has 18 employees, including Krista, Robert, Alex and their oldest son, Adam, who helps with bookkeeping. 

“The franchise was kind of a safer way to go with no experience,” Krista tells myleaderpaper.com, who notes she and her husband still work in the technical field while operating their new ice cream franchise. “We wanted something that was a little more specialized. When we talked with Cold Stone, it was really a good experience. We did our research, but that was a no-brainer for us. It was the kind of company we wanted to be with.”

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Cold Stone is Committed to Helping Your Family-Owned Business Thrive

If you’re ready to begin the journey to a successful family business, consider becoming a Cold Stone Creamery franchise owner. Our rapidly expanding creamery franchise can be ideal for building a multi-generational enterprise with virtually unlimited expansion potential.

Founded in 1988, our ice creamery has captured millions of hearts and has grown to nearly 1,000 locations in the United States and more than 30 countries worldwide. The reason for our success is quite simple: you can’t get an experience like Cold Stone Creamery® anywhere else. We are the ultimate ice cream business franchise and continue to thrive by offering the Ultimate Ice Cream Experience®: a super-premium, artisanal ice cream that is made fresh in our stores, an endless array of mix-in combinations that allows customers to dream up their own Creations™, and exceptional customer service that is full of cheer, songs and smiles.

First-time entrepreneurs looking to start their own business can do well investing in a Cold Stone Creamery® franchise. Not only is our business model simple to operate, but franchise owners also have the support of a world-class team providing industry-leading marketing from site selection to the grand opening — all wrapped in the joy of serving customers a product they love. 

“The Cold Stone Creamery business model is both simple and straightforward,” says Jay Goldstein, Vice President of Franchise Development. “Our processes and procedures are easy to follow, and the daily operations are fun and simple, too. I tell potential franchise owners they can own and grow a Cold Stone Creamery if they just have a desire to follow our business model and are passionate advocates for the brand in their community.”

Open a popular Cold Stone Creamery franchise

Bring an ice cream store to your community that’s likely to become a go-to destination for customers. Find out more by requesting a copy of our free Franchise Information Report or exploring the research pages on our franchise website.

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