Millennials Prefer Sweet Treats

4 Out of 5 Millennials are Fond of Sweet Treats

Millennials, the soon-to-be largest generation, love their desserts. According to a survey conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Tiger Sugar, 76 percent of respondents said they have a sweet tooth, and four in five Millennials have a love for sweets – more so than any other generation. A whopping 88 percent of this age group say they like to enjoy dessert following a meal, compared to just 38 percent of baby boomers. As far as what qualifies as dessert, 44 percent of respondents chose ice cream.

Millennials’ love for sweet treats, especially of the frozen variety, spells good news for Cold Stone Creamery. The premier, world-renowned ice cream brand offers a vast and inclusive menu that can satisfy any millennial’s sweet tooth. Customers love Cold Stone Creamery for our premium ice cream flavors, sorbet, and yogurt options, a long list of fun and delicious mix-ins, and a wide offering of cakes, pies, shakes, smoothies, and more.

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How Cold Stone Creamery Capitalizes on Consumers’ Love of Sweets

Nothing lifts America’s spirits like a sweet frozen treat. Studies show that Americans spend $13 billion each year on ice cream, and the average American eats roughly 20 pounds of ice cream every year. As a top brand name with a customizable and fun menu, Cold Stone Creamery franchisees are poised to capitalize on Americans’ demand for ice cream, especially the sweet-loving Millennial generation.

“Our love affair with ice cream appears everywhere in popular culture: in the movies, on television, in songs, in literature — Americans turn to ice cream in good times and bad, to celebrate and to share in order to make life that much sweeter,” says Cold Stone Creamery Tastemaster™. “Ice cream is also unique because our love of it, our craving for it, stays with us throughout our entire lives. Cold Stone Creamery is very privileged in that our customers are grandparents with their grandchildren, teenagers on first dates, young families, old families, groups of friends celebrating birthday parties and victorious sporting events. Ice cream brings us together, and because it’s one of the only foods we eat in its frozen state, there’s literally nothing like it!”

Ready to Franchise with Cold Stone Creamery?

Cold Stone Creamery has an easy-to-operate business model that allows entrepreneurs of all experience levels to realize their dreams of becoming small business owners. If you want to know more about Cold Stone Creamery, why the brand is a beloved household name, and how you can become a franchisee, visit our research pages here for more information.

Learn more about bringing a Cold Stone Creamery to your community today by requesting more information through our form here. The Cold Stone Creamery team will be in touch with a complimentary copy of our Franchise Information Report, containing more information about Cold Stone Creamery’s competitive advantages, details about international opportunities with the brand, and answers to questions you may have, so you can get started on becoming a Cold Stone Creamery franchise owner today.

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