Cold Stone Creamery Named Among Top Franchises In 2021

The ultimate ice cream stop among top franchises

Cold Stone Creamery™ continues to get attention from respected evaluators of top franchise opportunities. That’s because for more than 30 years, top franchises in the ice cream industry bring consumers freshly made ice cream in a real, on-site creamery. In addition to the freshness of its ice cream, every Cold Stone Creamery ice cream franchise also provides visitors with a seemingly endless array of add-ins and other ways to customize their frozen treat. That compares very favorably to other brands with limited or no way to tinker with the menu.

That sets every Cold Stone Creamery franchise apart from the competition. Why? Because their ice cream is made elsewhere and shipped in prepackaged vats and tubs, which means it sits frozen in warehouses for days and even weeks. Consumers prefer the Cold Stone Creamery approach, which includes using the finest ingredients and state-of-the-art, easy-to-use ice cream machines to produce fresh ice cream all day, every day.

“Cold Stone Creamery is a growing brand with potential in almost any size market, and that’s because of some very basic things that set it apart,” says Jay Goldstein, Vice President of Franchise Development. “For example, today’s consumers — especially Millennials and Gen Z— demand authentic, fresh ingredients. Cold Stone’s ice creams are made on site, not shipped in, so they very definitely pass that test.”

Cold Stone Creamery & Franchise Times

Respected industry analyst Franchise Times has included Cold Stone Creamery on its

Top 400 list of well-known brands. That’s a big deal, since the listing is based on exhaustive research and 20 years’ worth of evaluating brands. The Franchise Times team studies system-wide sales and year-over-year performance when evaluating brands, so inclusion on this list means performance consistency over time.

Cold Stone Creamery & Entrepreneur magazine

The Cold Stone Creamery ice cream franchise opportunity also appears on Entrepreneur magazine’s Franchise 500, seen by many as the gold standard of franchise rankings. To make the list, a franchise must pass a review that includes the “five pillars” of the Franchise 500. Those are: costs and fees, franchise support, size and growth, brand strength, and financial strength and stability.

Cold Stone Creamery in other news

The accolades just keep coming for Cold Stone Creamery. Small Business Trends has named it as an ice cream franchise to watch, and Emperor of Ice Cream includes it on their list of Nine Most Famous Ice Cream Franchises in the World. Put all that together, and you’ve got a robust ice cream franchise that hits all the marks: name recognition, quality product, and strong franchise owner support.

ice cream franchise ice cream flavors top franchisesOngoing support makes Cold Stone Creamery atop franchise

Cold Stone Creamery is a franchise with a strong history of innovation, not to mention world-class onboarding and training from franchise developer Kahala Brands™. New owners receive 80 hours of in-store training before they open their location. After that, they receive marketing support to help grow their business in both the digital and physical space. That support, along with site visits and more, means that no franchise owner is ever out there alone.

Cold Stone Creamery franchise owners also benefit from ongoing support. That means everything from regular training opportunities to the chance to participate in R&D discussions through advisory committees and other panels. Kahala Brands believes the franchisor-franchisee relationship continues throughout the life of the franchise, and has invested in the team to make sure that support is always there.

Ready to invest in Cold Stone Creamery?

Entrepreneurs looking for an amazing opportunity with a proven brand should look no further than Cold Stone Creamery. Franchise owners are being sought for all sizes of markets, and the current strong economy means it’s the perfect time to invest in a vibrant, well-loved ice cream franchise.

“We’re honored to be included on so many of these lists of top ice cream franchises,” Goldstein says. “Cold Stone Creamery continues to expand across the country, and as this exciting brand enters new markets, it gains new fans and popularity. That kind of loyalty helps build business for the franchise owners, and also gets noticed by the experienced professionals who evaluate brands.”

Cold Stone Creamery franchise now has stores across the United States and a presence in multiple international markets. We still have optimal territory available for new franchise expansion and development. Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, Cold Stone Creamery is owned by parent company Kahala Brands™, one of the world’s fastest-growing franchising companies with a portfolio of 28 quick-service restaurant concepts.

Open a popular Cold Stone Creamery franchise

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