5 Reasons Why You Should Open A Cold Stone Creamery

The Cold Stone Creamery Franchise Looks Sweet!

Cold Stone Creamery’s story began in 1988 with married couple Donald and Susan Sutherland. Unhappy with the ice cream options found in supermarkets and their local shops in Tempe, Arizona, the Sutherlands wanted to offer freshly made ice cream produced in-house. This passion for quality ice cream grew Cold Stone Creamery over the next 30+ years into a globally recognized brand with locations around the world, and the future has never looked brighter for the ice cream market. If you are an entreprenuer looking to open a franchise this year, Cold Stone Creamery is an opportunity to consider.

See below for five reasons you should invest in a Cold Stone Creamery franchise and bring a top ice cream brand to your community:

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Brand Recognition

Sure, ice cream is in high demand worldwide, and the global market is projected to expand significantly over the next several years, but consumers don’t want just any frozen treat. They’re looking for ice cream brands they recognize and can count on to serve premium, freshly made ice cream.

Cold Stone Creamery exceeds these standards with house-made ice cream crafted from the finest ingredients, a diverse and customizable menu that can satisfy any sweet tooth, and a brand name millions of customers around the world immediately recognize. When you invest in a Cold Stone Creamery, you’re buying into a reliable, time-tested and beloved brand name that your customers will welcome into the community.

World Class Franchisee Training

Any entrepreneur is bound to have questions about the franchise they’re investing in. With Cold Stone Creamery, franchisees will always have the answers and support they need to ensure they’re equipped to launch and run their new business as efficiently as possible, with a high potential for profit. In addition to marketing and PR, Cold Stone Creamery also offers hands-on initial training to teach new franchisees how to operate the business, ongoing coaching and support, as well as assistance with developing business plans.

“Cold Stone Creamery has one of the most robust training platforms in the entire franchise industry,” says Jay Goldsteinm, VP of Franchise Development with Cold Stone Creamery. “Our franchisees make real investments of both time and money to franchise with Cold Stone Creamery, and we honor that by going above and beyond in providing an exceptional initial and ongoing training platform. We’ve been helping entrepreneurs establish new Cold Stone Creamery businesses for a long time, and we’ve built an iconic business model that requires no previous experience to become a top performer. As a franchisor, we’re honored to report that franchisee satisfaction is at an all-time high.”

Always a Demand for Ice Cream

Few commodities can weather any economic storm, but ice cream is one of them. Market research shows that even during the COVID-19 pandemic, when fewer people were leaving their homes and dining out wasn’t an option, consumers still sought out ice cream as a comfort food during pandemic lockdowns, sometimes turning to online retailers to obtain their frozen treats.

According to Grand View Research, the global ice cream market size was valued at $79 billion in 2021 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate of 4.2 percent between now and 2030. Research indicates there is a rising demand for new and innovative flavors, and an increasingly health-conscious consumer mindset since the pandemic points to a growing demand for premium ice cream with quality ingredients in the years to come.

Proven Business Model

Not only is Cold Stone Creamery a more affordable investment than other frozen dessert franchise concepts, it also operates on a simple and straight-forward business model that makes small business ownership possible for brand-new entrepreneurs and seasoned franchisees alike. Cold Stone Creamery franchisees are investing in a business that is easy to run, easy to scale, and internationally renowned for its premium ice cream and customizable menu.

“The beauty of Cold Stone Creamery is that anyone with business savvy and passion for our brand and the ability to follow our systems can build a bright future,” Goldstein says. “We don’t require any experience in the restaurant industry or the service industry, because our training and support is so involved that we can teach any entrepreneur how to be a Cold Stone Creamery franchisee. Our brand has franchisees who have been with us since the beginning, many of whom have scaled up to multiple locations. New franchisees are welcomed into the Cold Stone Creamery family with open arms, and the culture is inclusive, accessible and encouraging. Cold Stone Creamery is more relevant than ever, and our goal is to open hundreds of locations in North America and internationally in the coming years.”

Marketing Support

Cold Stone Creamery has an experienced, in-house team dedicated to helping franchise owners promote their new business and see their Cold Stone Creamery location thrive through marketing services, PR and other promotional support. Access to internal marketing and public relations teams not only helps franchisees build the brand and develop a loyal customer base – it also significantly reduces expenses for the business owner.

Open a Franchise with Cold Stone Creamery Today!

If you’re ready to learn how you can open your own franchise today and bring one of America’s premier ice cream brands to your community, click here to request a free Franchise Information Report with information about Cold Stone Creamery’s competitive advantages, international opportunities with the franchise, and answers to all your questions about Cold Stone Creamery.

You can also learn more about the Cold Stone Creamery brand, why customers love this ice cream, and the easy-to-operate business model, by clicking here to visit the franchise research pages.

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