Ice Cream Trends Point to Greater Demand, Lower Costs

Cold Stone Creamery franchises to benefit from market changes

Ice cream is a booming industry as America’s favorite dessert. According to the International Dairy Foods Association, the ice cream industry in the United States contributes more than $39 billion to the national economy, and the average American consumes more than
23 pounds of ice cream each year.

Cold Stone Ice Cream


Latest ice cream industry trend reports indicate there’s no sign of a slow-down anytime soon. Demand for super-premium ice cream products made of the highest quality ingredients — the type of delicious ice cream Cold Stone Creamery® offers — is only expected to increase. Consider this indicator, along with the falling price of milk, and it’s easy to see that the outlook for our franchisees is great in the foreseeable future.

Consumer demand for premium ice cream is on the rise

Today’s consumer — across most industries — demands the very best. The ice cream segment is no different. Ice cream customers want a memorable experience in addition to ice cream made of super-premium, great-tasting ingredients carefully crafted into a unique product.

“Rising demand for premium products has led to decline in sales of low quality ice creams and the trend is expected to continue … The growth is attributed to the rising demand for handmade ice creams containing high quality ingredients,” according to a report from Grandview Research, “Ice Cream Market Size, Share & Trends Analysis Report … , 2018 – 2025.”

Cold Stone Creamery products answer customer demand with our brand’s delicious ice cream, which sets us apart from all of our competitors. Never prepackaged or shipped in, our brand’s ice cream is made fresh from the highest quality ingredients, by hand, every day at more than 1,000 locations in the U.S and hundreds of others around the world.

“Cold Stone Creamery is unique in the ice cream franchise space because we make our ice cream in-house,” says Dr. Maya Warren, Tastemaster™ with Cold Stone Creamery. “When our customers come in, they’re getting ice cream that has been made for them in store. Our brand’s product is exceptional, and that is evident in the fact that millions of people around the world love the experience they get at their local Cold Stone Creamery — and that number grows every day.”

Outlook for Cold Stone looks good as milk prices fall

“New trends for ice cream shops predict a profitable future in 2018. Consumers are clamoring for wacky flavors and artisan ice cream, and rising disposable incomes give ice cream shops the wiggle room to use pricier ingredients. Adding to the good fortune — the main ingredient is about to get a little cheaper,” according to “2018 Outlook for Ice Cream Shops is Positively Yummy,” a blog post on Lavu’s website.

As the cost of milk is expected to decrease in price, just as the demand for artisanal ice cream is expected to increase, Cold Stone Creamery franchisees stand to benefit from these shifts in the industry.

We’re also ready to answer the demand for creativity when it comes to flavor variations and unique concoctions. Always ready with new ways to surprise and delight customers, Cold Stone is committed to innovation, offering special themed products for an upcoming holiday or a limited edition, unexpected flavor to celebrate the season. As one of the pioneers of customization, we allow customers to dream up their own ice cream treats or choose from the wildly popular Signature Creations™.

Now is the time to invest in a Cold Stone Creamery franchise

There’s never been a better time to invest in a Cold Stone Creamery franchise. The industry’s economic trends, coupled with predicted increasing consumer demand, point to a promising future for Cold Stone franchise owners.

For more details about franchising with us, visit the research pages on our franchise website or request a copy of our free Franchise Information Report.


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