Cold Stone Creamery Franchise Brings In Customers Year-Round

Iconic ice cream franchise rolls out new fall flavors to drive traffic to locations across the country

Sundae from Cold Stone Creamery franchise opportunity

When aspiring entrepreneurs invest in a Cold Stone Creamery™, not only do they get benefits from national brand recognition, but they also have the backing of a team whose innovative tactics keep the brand relevant and customers coming back.

Recently, Cold Stone Creamery’s experienced and pioneer management team unrolled its fall flavor roll out, celebrating all the delights of autumn with two cozy new flavors that drum up one of the best seasons of the year. In September of this year, Pumpkin Bread Batter Ice Cream and Banana Bread Batter Ice Cream became available in stores across the country, just in time for baking season. 

“We’re so ready to enjoy all the nostalgic flavors fall has to offer,” says Sara Schmillen, vice president of marketing at Kahala Brands™, parent company of Cold Stone Creamery. “With the cooler weather and holidays to come, what better way to welcome the season than with the familiar flavors of pumpkin and banana bread, reimagined into super-premium ice cream?” 

What says fall better than pumpkin treats?  The Apple of my Pumpkin Pie™ Creation™ is made with Pumpkin Bread Batter Ice Cream, Pecans, Graham Cracker Pie Crust, Apple Pie Filling and Caramel. Almost Baked Banana Bread™ features Banana Bread Batter Ice Cream, Banana, Pecans and Cinnamon. 

Also, on Nov. 1, Pumpkin Bread Batter Pie will be available at our stores, just in time for the Thanksgiving dinner table. It’s the perfect addition to any holiday gathering with Pumpkin Bread Batter Ice Cream piled into a Graham Cracker Pie Crust and topped with White Frosting, Cinnamon and Chocolate Leaves. 

Preparation for fall offerings is just one way Cold Stone Creamery goes the extra mile to keep the company’s brand at the forefront of customers’ minds throughout the year. We constantly showcase new menu items on social media to build the hype around seasonal offerings. 

Since being founded in 1988, Cold Stone Creamery has become a beloved institution, which brings more customers to the stores and helps increase revenue. Cold Stone Creamery’s in-house marketing and public relations team is constantly at work on behalf of our franchisees to generate publicity about the famed ice cream shop’s happenings. 

Because of our brand’s reputation and the fact that Cold Stone Creamery has millions of fans across the country, Cold Stone Creamery is a favorite for local media outlets to publish stories about our franchisees. With our unique brand positioning, national publications routinely feature the company, praising our product, culture and customer experience. 

We also help increase brand awareness through national partnerships with Hollywood feature films and on-trend television shows. These partnerships help keep Cold Stone Creamery in the heart of the news, and in turn drive new and repeat customers to our franchisees. 

“The prospect of opening a business that has millions of fans across the country and around the world is immediately more advantageous than starting from scratch,” says Jay Goldstein, VP of Development with Cold Stone Creamery. “Cold Stone Creamery franchise owners have this benefit when they sign on with us. The Cold Stone Creamery brand’s reputation for delivering a unique, delicious product in a fun and friendly atmosphere brings new fans into stores who want to experience Cold Stone Creamery for themselves.”

Ready to own the sweetest franchise in the business?

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