3 Reasons to Invest In Cold Stone Creamery Franchise in 2022

After a Banner Year in 2021, the Iconic Ice Cream Franchise is Poised for Great Things in the New Year  

Cold Stone Creamery® is not only America’s iconic and go-to ice cream shop – but it’s also the go-to ice cream franchise for aspiring entrepreneurs.    

After more than three decades, Cold Stone Creamery now boasts countless locations in the U.S. and even several international locations across 20 countries. And, the company is constantly working to expand into new markets to further increase brand recognition.   

So what’s the secret to success? Our franchise owners continually report three main reasons why investing in Cold Stone Creamery is the right call: it’s a business model built on growth and scalability; franchisees can benefit from industry-leading support; and our locations can offer affordable entry and the potential for strong returns.   

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“This is a really exciting time to be a part of our brand,” says Jay Goldstein, VP of Development for Cold Stone Creamery. “We’re continuing to grow, and as more and more entrepreneurs discover the strength of our business model, our level of support, and our continued ability to connect with our customers, we expect our strong growth to continue going forward.”  

Business Model Built on Growth/Scalability   

In an ever changing world, there’s at least one that will never go out of demand: ice cream. Despite the pandemic, ice cream sales grew 16%, according to Dairy Foods, which called ice cream “a category on fire.” As a result, Cold Stone Creamery launched expansion plans that will bring countless of locations in the next few years, with targeted areas of development, such as Florida, Illinois, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Texas.   

Cold Stone Creamery is also a great fit for entrepreneurs pursuing multi-unit ownership. As an article in QSR magazine noted, by diversifying portfolios with multiple brands, franchisees can ensure financial stability and operational efficiency. “Diversification could help a company if one of its concepts experiences a sharp decline in sales due to consumer trends, a food-safety issue or other factors,” QSR writes.   

And a lot of that success is predicated on Cold Stone Creamery’s wide brand recognition.   

Industry-Leading Support   

Buying into a franchise system, as opposed to going at it alone by starting a completely new business, holds so many advantages, and one Cold Stone Creamery can boast is the support network provided by Kahala Brands™.   

Our franchisees attend initial training at the Kahala Training and Education Center, and spend two weeks in a store where every aspect of the business is covered, including making the ice cream, serving products, managing inventory and marketing.   

Cold Stone Creamery also conducts monthly check-ins to help franchisees meet their goals, offer assistance and make sure any questions or issues are addressed in a timely manner.   

“Cold Stone Creamery has one of the most robust training platforms in the entire franchise industry,” says Goldstein. “Our franchisees make real investments of both time and money to franchise with Cold Stone Creamery, and we honor that by going above and beyond in providing an exceptional initial and ongoing training platform.”   

Potential for Affordable Entry and Strong Returns   

At Cold Stone Creamery, we know the early days of a new business are critical for survival, with slim margin for errors. That’s why we’re committed to keeping the costs of ownership affordable, and it’s why our entire support infrastructure is focused on helping our franchise owners thrive in business.   

The initial investment estimate for a Cold Stone Creamery franchise ranges from $310,375 to $476,975. Among nearly 900 stores, the average gross sales were reported at nearly $500,000*.   

“We’re very fortunate to be a brand that millions of people love and to have such positive franchise owners,” Goldstein says. 

Ready to Invest in Cold Stone Creamery? 

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