Cold Stone Creamery Franchise’s Continual Innovation Keeps Menus Fresh and Exciting

Limited-Time Offerings and Continuous Product Innovation Keep Guests Coming Back Again and Again

Cold Stone Creamery® recently unveiled its newest menu sensation — Boo Batter!™ — which arrived just in time for Halloween, and customers were howling for more! The ice cream creation is just one of the many unique and innovative menu items Cold Stone Creamery releases each year to help franchise owners maintain guest loyalty and to attract new guests. 

“Limited-time offerings are a huge part of almost every successful food brand, and Cold Stone Creamery is no exception,” says Jay Goldstein, Vice President of Franchise Development for Cold Stone Creamery. “We invest a lot of time and resources into creating new products and the marketing to support them, so our franchise owners don’t have to. Cold Stone Creamery menus are continually evolving to meet growing demand and to drive new guest visits.”

If you’ve ever wondered why the top brands in food limit some of their most popular products to just a few months of the year, here are a few reasons why.limited-time offerings cold stone creamery franchise

Limited-Time Offerings Keep Guests Engaged Year-Round

Some of the most popular food products are only available “for a limited time” because “LTOs,” as they are known, don’t just get guests through the door once. They keep customers engaged, excited, and coming back time and again, as Jay explains.

“Just because Boo Batter is available only at Halloween doesn’t mean that customers only comes once or twice in October,” Jay says. “Throughout the year, they maintain an ongoing relationship with their local Cold Stone Creamery because they remember that LTO. Limited offerings are a crucial component of building brand loyalty and awareness, and no other ice cream brand does it better than Cold Stone Creamery.”

Guests learn to watch the calendar and keep an eye on social media for the moment their personal favorite becomes available, and that’s beneficial year-round. When the guest who loves Boo Batter in October thinks “ice cream” in April, they immediately connect that thought to Cold Stone Creamery, which can drive repeat business.

 Continual Innovation Keeps Menus Fresh and Exciting

There are few things Cold Stone Creamery customers like more than visiting their community creamery and trying something new. That’s why Cold Stone Creamery works year-round to innovate new products and flavor offerings. 

“In addition to the wide variety of options we offer, we’re also constantly working on new ice cream flavors by looking at trends from around the world,” says Dr. Maya Warren, Cold Stone Creamery’s Tastemaster™“Our expansive research and development wing keeps the Cold Stone Creamery brand relevant all year round, and we roll out multiple new limited-time-only flavors and seasonal promotions.”

Never complacent, always pushing forward, Cold Stone Creamery is a brand customers turn to for those delectable treats they know and love.

“Super-Premium” is More Than an Adjective

The secret to Cold Stone Creamery’s delicious, irresistible treats is our super-premium ice cream products. That isn’t a marketing buzzword, either, as Jay explains.

“Super-premium is an industry designation for ice cream with a 12 to 14 percent butterfat content and low overrun — air pumped in to make it fluffy,” Jay says. “Cold Stone Creamery ice cream feels smooth, super creamy, and incredibly flavorful because we’re investing the time and materials to earn the super-premium designation. Our guests don’t ‘know’ this, but they immediately taste the difference. And they keep coming back again and again because of it.”

Serve Up Super-Premium to Your Community

Find out how you can start serving super-premium ice cream in your community today. If interested, fill out our franchise information form here, or explore our research pages.

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