Cold Stone Creamery Franchise Provides Exceptional Marketing Support

Iconic ice cream franchise is beloved throughout the country and new franchise owners have access to robust marketing support

When you’re starting a new business, it helps when people already know your name. Since 1988, millions of Americans have learned that the name, “Cold Stone Creamery®,” means smiles, songs and the best-tasting ice cream on the planet. With nearly 1,000 locations open across the United States, our enormous brand recognition has helped owners open Cold Stone Creamery franchise locations in new markets with ease.

Cold Stone Creamery franchise employee with ice cream

A simple way to understand the Cold Stone Creamery brand’s presence throughout the country is to type our name into Google and see what pops up. You’ll find article after article praising our brand’s super-premium ice cream, our endless ability for customization, our latest LTOs and special partnerships with major Hollywood blockbusters and video game giants.

“There has never been a better time to invest in a Cold Stone Creamery ice cream business franchise,” says John Wuycheck, SVP of Franchise Development with Cold Stone Creamery. “Not only do we enjoy household name recognition in America and globally, but we believe our product is far superior to what is available on the market. The creamery part of Cold Stone Creamery is real: we make our ice cream fresh in-house, which gives our ice cream an artisanal quality, and a taste that becomes a craving which results in customer loyalty. As a franchisor, we have designed Cold Stone Creamery to be an easy-to-run, easy-to-scale business. We’ve been growing for years, and we’re not slowing down anytime soon.”

Cold Stone Creamery franchise owners benefit from an in-house marketing team

Marketing is one of the most vital aspects of owning a successful business, but how many entrepreneurs are marketing experts? The answer is very few. In fact, the majority of Cold Stone Creamery franchise owners joined our brand with little to no marketing experience because one of the major benefits in franchising with us is having the full support of a dedicated in-house marketing team.

Our marketing and public relations teams support you from day one and every day after. We leverage our strong brand name to build exciting partnerships with movie studios, and our endless quest for the perfect ice cream creates LTOs that keep customers excited to come back. We also help support your local and digital marketing efforts, supplying you with a variety of marketing materials that can be used to help spread the word in your community.

“Before Cold Stone Creamery, the extent of my knowledge about the service industry was ordering off the menu,” says Karen Harmon, owner of a Cold Stone Creamery franchise in Wilmington, North Carolina. “Luckily, the Cold Stone Creamery team has developed an exceptional support platform. They also really listen to their franchisees, and there’s a great culture of collaboration and involvement. Of course, I feel our product is really superior to anything else in my local area, and after more than a decade in business, we’re still growing. I still love seeing people of all ages line up for ice cream – it’s still a big thrill and a lot of fun.”

Open a popular Cold Stone Creamery franchise

Bring an ice cream store to your community that’s likely to become a go-to destination for customers. Find out more by requesting a copy of our free Franchise Information Report or exploring the research pages on our franchise website.

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