5 Reasons Why You Should Open Cold Stone Creamery Franchise in 2018

The ultimate ice cream franchise is a life-changing opportunity for our franchisees

Cold Stone Creamery® is one of the most exciting franchise opportunities, and the reasons are nearly as endless as the number of memories we’ve created since our brand’s founding in 1988.

There isn’t a better time to begin investigating why you should open a Cold Stone Creamery franchise in your community in 2018.

In our 30 years in business, Cold Stone has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs realize their dream of opening a small business that brings joy to both our franchise owners and their customers. Cold Stone has grown to more than 1,000 locations in North America and 30 international markets around the world. We are currently seeking savvy entrepreneurs with a passion for our brand and the drive to share their passion and join our brand’s franchise family.

To help you explore the Cold Stone Creamery franchise opportunity, here are five great reasons why you should franchise the world’s most beloved ice cream brand this year:

1. FOCUSED PRODUCT CATEGORY: Because Cold Stone Creamery is an ice cream franchise that specializes in serving the best super premium ice cream on the market, our brand’s franchise owners have the luxury of not having to cook meals for their customers. There are no meats or veggies to deal with, which greatly reduces the cost of equipment and the health code concerns that come with owning a restaurant.

What our franchise owners do get to do make is ice cream, which is not only more fun, it’s the secret to why Cold Stone Creamery has enjoyed growth through the decades. While other ice cream chains ship their product in prepackaged vats or tubs, Cold Stone Creamery franchises produce the ice cream at their locations, using the finest ingredients and state-of-the-art, easy-to-use ice cream machines. Every spoonful of our brand’s ice cream meets the customer’s high standards for taste, consistency and texture.

2. Cold Stone is a HAPPY PLACE: How many businesses can say that when their customers walk through their doors they arrive smiling? Cold Stone Creamery is in the business of making people happy. Customers know that their super-premium ice cream was made fresh, and the seemingly endless combinations of toppings allow them to create the treat that will make them the happiest. Enthusiastic crew members prepare their treats right in front of customers’ eyes, dazzling them the entire time.

“The best part about Cold Stone Creamery is that we get to make people happy,” says Dr. Maya Warren, Tastemaster™ with Cold Stone Creamery. “If someone comes in having a bad day, they’re going to leave with a smile. If someone comes to us on a good day, they’re going to go on and have a better day. That is what Cold Stone Creamery is all about.”

3. BRAND RECOGNITION: Cold Stone Creamery enjoys tremendous brand equity, with millions of fans across the country and around the world. This is tremendously important to be aware of when considering a franchise opportunity with Cold Stone Creamery means that your community will not only be aware of your new business, they will be excited for you to open your doors. An instantly recognizable brand name will help you grow sales, help you recruit a talented crew, and will help you generate interest from your local media.

“People just went absolutely crazy for it when we opened in 2003,” says Terry Sedmak, owner of two Cold Stone Creamery franchise locations in Michigan. “Now, everybody knows what Cold Stone Creamery is, and this works in our favor. There is still nothing like the experience that you get when you walk into a Cold Stone Creamery. We just have a completely different customer experience, for which we’re well-known. There are other brands, but in my opinion, no one comes close to our brand’s ice cream. It’s truly exceptional.”

4. FRANCHISEE TRAINING: Because we know that many of our franchisees join our family without any previous experience in the restaurant industry, Cold Stone Creamery has developed a thorough franchisee training platform that includes 80 hours of hands-on training in an operating store, where you will learn the daily tasks of managing your business, including how to make and serve our brand’s delicious ice cream, manage inventory, lead crews and more. We also have extensive classroom training led by our brand’s executive team on important matters, such as financial performance, as well as ongoing support that continues through to your grand opening and beyond.

“Cold Stone Creamery has one of the most robust training platforms in the entire franchise industry,” says John Wuycheck, SVP of Franchise Development. “Our franchisees make real investments of both time and money to franchise with Cold Stone Creamery, and we honor that by going above and beyond in providing an exceptional initial and ongoing training platform. We’ve been helping entrepreneurs establish new Cold Stone Creamery businesses for a long time, and we’ve built an iconic business model that requires no previous experience to become a top performer. As a franchisor, we’re honored to report that franchisee satisfaction is at an all-time high.”

5. MARKETING SUPPORT: One of the biggest advantages in franchising with Cold Stone Creamery is the fact that we have an internal marketing team that works to assist our franchisees with their businesses. Marketing a business can be challenging and expensive, though this isn’t the case with Cold Stone Creamery. Our brand’s team will provide you with all of the marketing materials you need, along with any assistance or direction as to how to effectively utilize those materials. We also launch five national promotions each year, including partnerships with major films and more to help bring your community to your Cold Stone Creamery location.

Ready to open a Cold Stone Creamery franchise in your community?

For in-depth details about the Cold Stone Creamery franchise opportunity, download the free franchise report. You can also learn more by visiting the Cold Stone Creamery franchise research pages.

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