Cold Stone Creamery Franchise is a Joyful Business to Own

The ultimate ice cream franchise provides entrepreneurs with the opportunity to have fun and make a great life at the same time

Who doesn’t like ice cream? NPR recently reported that the average American consumes 40 pints of ice cream per year. At Cold Stone Creamery®, we don’t measure ice cream by the pint because when you make your ice cream daily, in-store, the ice cream goes fast! This is why we offer our customers three choices: Like It®, Love It®, and Gotta Have It®!

These are exactly the feelings that inspire entrepreneurs to open new Cold Stone Creamery locations in their communities. Since our founding in 1988, Cold Stone Creamery has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs realize their dream of owning a business they can be passionate about for the long-term. An ice cream business inspires a unique kind of entrepreneur to open up shop: the kind of person that loves to welcome people when they come in, the kind of person that wants to help someone make a good day even better and a bad day a bit more bearable, and the kind of person who wants to mentor young people who are ready for their first-ever jobs.

For Terry Sedmak, a longtime owner of two Cold Stone Creamery franchises in Michigan, the fact that his businesses continue to thrive well-over a decade after opening is the result of sharing his passion for ice cream with his community and the teenagers that make up his crew.

“We do have a lot of fun in this business,” Terry says. “The most rewarding thing for me is to be a mentor to our stores’ crew members. For many, it’s their first job, and so we have the opportunity to show them the rewards of working hard.”

Being Passionate about Delivering the Ultimate Ice Cream Experience is the Secret to Success with Cold Stone Creamery

The secret to the lasting success of the Cold Stone Creamery brand is the same reason why so many of our franchisees continue to prosper for decades: Cold Stone Creamery has the best product on the market and delivers The Ultimate Ice Cream Experience to our customers day-in and day-out.

Proof of this lies in our enormous brand equity, which helps our franchisees establish themselves in business quickly after opening: millions of people of people across the country and around the world love Cold Stone Creamery and you would be right to believe that your community will be enormously excited when they find out you’re bringing their favorite ice cream shop to town.

Because we know that our entrepreneurs often join our franchise family without prior experience in either the restaurant industry or as small business owners, Cold Stone Creamery is designed with the success of the first-time entrepreneur in mind. Our executive team has invested significantly in ongoing education, training and has an entire teams in place that are devoted to helping you market your business, meet your financial goals and support you in every aspect of growing your business over the long-term. If you’re passionate about Cold Stone Creamery and sharing that passion with those in your town, this is the right business for you.

“The beauty of Cold Stone Creamery is that anyone with business savvy and passion for our brand and the ability to follow our systems can build a bright future,” says John Wuycheck, SVP of Franchise Development with Cold Stone Creamery. “We don’t require any experience in the restaurant industry or the service industry, because our training and support is so involved that we can teach any entrepreneur how to be a Cold Stone Creamery franchisee. Our brand has franchisees that have been with us since the beginning, many of whom have scaled up to multiple locations. New franchisees are welcomed into the Cold Stone Creamery family with open arms, and the culture is inclusive, accessible and encouraging. Cold Stone Creamery is more relevant than ever, and our goal is to open hundreds of locations in North America and internationally in the coming years.”

Ready to open a Cold Stone Creamery franchise in your community?

For in-depth details about the Cold Stone Creamery franchise opportunity, download the free franchise report. You can also learn more by visiting the Cold Stone Creamery franchise research pages.

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